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ULVIPS series:Specification

02152SDetail 03162SDetail 03262SDetail 04171SDetail 04272SDetail 05251Detail
Sensitivity 3mV/K 4mV/K 10mV/K 5mV/K 6mV/K 9mV/K
NETD 120mK or less 120mK or less 65mK or less 120mKor less 100mK or less 60mK or less
Frame rate 60frames/sec. 50frames/sec. 60frames/sec. 50frames/sec.
Area size 160x120 384x288 640x480 1024x768
Pixel pitch 25μm 17μm
Spectral response 8〜14μm 8〜20μm 8〜16μm 8〜14μm
(at 8〜12.5μm,75% and more) (at 8〜13.5μm,75% and more)
ADC 12bit 14bit 16bit
Image power output
  • CameraLink Base Configuration × 1
  • USB 2.0 High Speed
  • Composite video signal(NTSC)
  • RS-232C
  • USB 2.0 High Speed
Power DC 12V ±1V
Operating temperature 0〜40℃(Thing without the dew condensation.) −25〜60℃ (for option)
Preservation temperature −25〜60℃(Thing without thw dew condensation.)
Temperature control Heater incorporation Peltier pixel
(possibility for external Peltier)
Shutter non (Shutter-less)
  • manual:It is possible to cut the number of any bits by offset.
  • Automatic:Auto range
Lens mount Standard:Lens mount from JANOS (It can correspond to various lens makers.)
Size W60mm×H60mm×D52.4mm W82mm

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