In our company, When a visitor develops original far infrared rays camera and is mass-produced, the know-how that We cultivated by far infrared rays camera development by a basis, We give trust development, design support, a product in every phase. Please feel free to contact us.

Trust development of the infrared camera

Development process Trust development model Design support model Product offer model
Evaluation(Process evaluation・Camera evaluation and etc) OK OK --
Optics design(Custom lens design)(Subcontractor) OK(Subcontractor) -- OK(Subcontractor)
Optics design(Commercial lens) OK OK Purchase
Image processing design(Algorithmic making, etc) OK OK Offer of the OEM product
Offer of the
module product
Circuitry(Interface making etc) OK OK
Housing design(Heat design, Lens mount design) OK OK
Art work design(Subcontractor) OK(Subcontractor) --
FPGA design OK OK
Firmware design OK OK
Application design OK OK
Test Tool making OK OK --
Calibration data making Tool※1 -- -- OK

※1 It is environment making a revision parameter necessary to implement a shutterless function. When shutterless cameras are produced in visitors, It is necessary.

In every development phase, I develop it and am given it in trust.

New development process

Mass production process

At the time of the mass production of the shutterless camera, We provide calibration tools.

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