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  • The far infrared ray microscope camera which combined a magnifier with the far infrared ray camera ULVIPS series.
  • It is most suitable for the temperature measurement of the domain micros microscope thermography by carring out calibration with the magnifier.
  • Maximum optical resolution 4.25μm/pixel(*1)As for the magnification,4 kinds are flexible. *1:ULVIPS-04272S(Pixel pitch 17um)at the time of x4 magnifer combination
  • Minimum temperature resolving power <10mK(*2) *2:ULVIPS-03262S(Pixel pitch 25um)x1.25 magnifier combination
  • It is settable in a temperature measurement range or temperature resolving power optionally.
  • There are three kinds of camera we have which areULVIPS-03162/262S (QVGA:384x288/high sensitivity type) and ULVIPS-04272S (VGA:640x480).
  • Frane rate maximum is 50fps・it is possible to take a maximum 2400fps in high-speed by the partial scan.(*3) *3:Is is a frame rate when we use a ULVIPS-04272S as 640 pixel×10 line.
  • We have 4 kinds of models for our customer needs.

System basics constitution

System basics constitution

Magnifying Glass

With four kinds of lenses, setting of a variety of optics resolving power is possible.

Optics magnification Object distance Correspondence camera Optics resolving power Effective 7
x 1.25 25mm ULVIPS-04272S
x 2.35 15mm ULVIPS-03162/262S 10.64um/pix F2.2
x 3.1 10mm ULVIPS-03162/262S 8.06um/pix F2.5
x 4 10mm ULVIPS-04272S

Example of image output:Aluminum scale

X1.25 X2.35 X3.1 X4.0

Example of image output:10 yen coin

X1.25 X2.35 X3.1 X4.0

Temperature resolving power

We measure a difference temperature image by a standard hear source.(ULVIPS=04272S+x1.25lens)

Temperature difference:47-39=8℃ Brightness difference(Average):2550-1650=900
Temperature resolving power=8÷900=9mK ・・・10mK or less

High-speed frame rate:Partial scan

Crack examination of semiconductor part・・・A feature appears during heating.

[≫Crack examination of semiconductor part:Movie]

Bundle model with the heat load system

Heating/cooling stage Rapid heating stage
Stage size:80x60mm Stage size:5x5mm
Temperature set range:-40~+80℃(It depends on environmental temperature) Temperature set range:room temperature~+600℃
The biggest temperature incline:about 0.3℃/sec. arrival time:30sec to +400℃
(There are other characteristic heaters, too)
→It is most suitable for the inspection in the static temperature state. →It is most suitable for the inspection in the dynamic temperature state.

Downloading of the document

[≫Downloading of the document of the far infrared ray microscope]

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