Features of ULVIPS series

Shutter method

  • Operate a shutter during imaging and make a revision table.
  • A merchanical drive part is needed, and maintenance exchange is necessary.
  • An image breaks off during a shutter・・・It is unsuitable for the consecutive inspection.

Forced cooling method(TEC)

  • Temperature control with the Peltier element.
  • Possibility of the heat reckless driving and it cannot follow a big temperature changes.
  • Boot-time becomes long, and downsizing is difficult.


To environmental temperature and the temperature of the element, it automatically update a revision table one by one.

Camera specification

  • Output:USB/CameraLink/NTSC
  • Temperature revision method
    • ①Shutter-less revision table method
    • ②Two points of temperature revision table method
  • Image revision
    • Processing defect pixel revision/ auto-off set adjustment
    • Digital zoom (for option)
  • It supports outside async trigger.
  • Partial scan function

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