InGaAs Near Infrared Ray CameraInGaAs NIR Camera



  • This is a near infrared ray camera with InGaAs element FPA.
  • We can get a near infrared ray image of the high sensitivity by operating TEC of the sensor internal organs.
  • We can carry out shading compensation and offset revision using attached viewer software in a user, so we can get a clear image without depending on an optics condition.
  • The number of existence effect pixels:640×512pixel
  • Pixel pitch:25μm
  • Spectral response:0.9-1.7μm
  • Maximum frame rate:100fps


  • Examination with solar panel.
  • Examination for non-contact card inside.
  • Examination for fruit sugar content.
  • Human body bloodstream measurement.

Example of Image outout

Solar cell crack IC card
IC card(ICOCA) Indoor picture

Camera Specifications

Items Specifications
Sensor InGaAs Array Sensor
The number of existence effect pixels 640×512pixel
Frame rate Maximum 100frames/sec.(In case of CameraLink output)
Area size & Detector material 640×512pixel H16.0×V12.8mm
Pixel pitch 25μm/pixel
Spectral response 0.9-1.7μm(The following "spectral response" reference.)
ADC 14bit
Image power output interface CameraLink Base Configuration × 1
USB2.0 HighSpeed
Composite video signal(NTSC or PAL)
Control interface RS-232C(through CameraLink)or USB2.0 HighSpeed
Power DC 12V±1V
Operating temperature 0-40℃(Thing without the dew condensation.)
Preservation temperature -25-60℃(Thing without the dew condensation.)
Temperature control The TEC deployment due to the sensor intrnal organs Peltier cooling.(For option)
External trigger Frame synchronization・Asynchronization trigger imaging is possible.
Lens mount Standard:C mount(We can change to M42 mount for option.)
Size W70mm×H102.35mm×D87.55mm(for the body)

Spectral response

Outside drawing

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