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Small size night vision camera for in-vehicle

  • 外観
  • 外観


  • This is a far infrared ray night vision camera with an unccoled detector from ULIS.
  • It updates the revision table which is indispensable at a far infrared ray camera by self-learning taking a image.
  • We downsize a camera head part for in-vehicle and output an image in differential interface.
  • TEC-less - Calibration action
  • Camera NETD:100mV/K or less
  • It has shutter in front of lens.
  • The differential serial digital output


  • For an evaluation and development base model of the in-vehicle night vision system.


Use detectorPICO384P by ULIS
The number of area existence effect pixels384×288pixel
Pixel pitch17um/pixel(Sensor materials:Amorphous Silcon)
Frame rate30frames/sec.(Maximum60frames/sec.)
Camera Spectral response8~12um(Detector spectral response:8~14um)
LensFocal lengthf=13mm F/1.09 Material:ZnS 
Field of viewHorizontal:28.2degrees×Vertical:21.3degrees
(Space resolving power 300m ahead:about40cm square)
Camera NETD
(Include a protection window lens)
100mK or less(Operating temperature:25℃、Target temperature:25℃)
Image power output interfaceThe differential serial signal output(DS90C241@TI The considerable digital output)
It can receive from DS90C1224@TI
Image resolving power14bit
Image output delay1ms or less
Control interfaceRS-422(Full duplex transmission. We consider to change to CAN.)
PowerDC 10~30V  less than consumption electric current1A
Operating temperature-25~75℃(Actual value We are planing to expand to-40~80℃)
Preservation temperature-25~75℃(Actual value We are planing to expand to-40~80℃)
ShutterShutter out of the lens

Example of Image output

In-vehicle pic(Night city area) In-vehicle pic(Night high-way)
In-vehicle pic(Night city area) Road pic(Night pedestrians)

Sensor spectral response

Outside drawing

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